Mechatronic System Simulation (MSS)


Introduction to the module MSS

Groups for Lab Sessions

MSS- Lab Documents

Student/Demoversion of SABER

Guide for Server acces using Remote Desktop

Scripts (password required): Integrated Systems Simulation (Matlab), Transistors

Creek-model of the Transistor (Bachbettmodell)

Sample Examination Paper

Important notice!

In an increasing number of cases I am asked, if I would allow the absence from the MSS-courses due to (severe) reasons for several weeks.

Here is the general answer to this question:

The course is set up in a way that you have to attend all the classes. If you fail to do so, you have to make sure to get the knowledge on your own.

Moreover attendance to at least 80% of the classes which are offered is mandatory. The classes are not offered in every week. If you are absent in more than 20% of each of the two parts (Saber and Matlab) you will be not admitted to the examination.

The best time period to be abroad is in the last two weeks of december and the first week of January since mostly there are no classes in this period of time.

Make sure you obey these rules under all circumstances. Consider that failing to do so results in one year delay in your studies!

In future I will not answer individual questions of the type: I have to leave for ... weeks to my home country. Do you allow this?

Also the answer to the question for absence in a single session is the same. Here I would propose that you can try to change the group if the absence is only required for a special time.

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