Advanced Automotive Electronics




In this lecture first the basics of nowadays sensors and actuators as well as their interaction in complex systems are taught. Interface circuits as well as microprocessor based control systems are regarded. Also the close correlation between mechanical and electrical is regarded. Using practical examples e.g. the control of the internal combustion engine the working principle of the complete system is shown. Actual bus systems used in the automotive field are presented and safety issues as well as diagnosis are discussed. Advanced Driver Assitance Systems (ADAS) are presented and explained. Electric Driving and Hybrid driving technologies are addressed as the upcoming main driving principles in the future.


Basic electrotechnical knowledge and knowledge of Electronics is required.
Moreover knowledge of bachelor studies of powertrain engineering or similar course of studies is required.

Examination modalities:

In the written examination (120 minutes) the content of lecture and exercises are tested. Bonus points from lectures and/or exercises may apply if there have been a bonus questions and evaluations.
The successful completion of this module implies specific practical learning methods. Therefore the active participation in laboratories is a precondition for being admitted to examinations.

Schedule of lectures and exercises (will be updated from week to week):

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